Rogier van der Linden: ‘K. B. is the cat in the closely’

fc86b50e535173b88f9c7f81a0a3df45 - Rogier van der Linden: 'K. B. is the cat in the closely'

Rogier van der Linden has recorded for Gordon, now the presenter in the clinch with his ex K. B., Roger calls the doctor in training a “cat in the close the weird jumps.”

Roger and Gordon got to know each other in the program, Gordon is Going to Marry… But With Whom? The two still have good contact. “We had this week an appointment to talk with, but I don’t know if Gordon pulls. There is so much on him down. He is devastated.”

According to Rogier was K. B. is still in the closet when the news about his relationship with Gordon uitlekte. “He had but one friend had been told, but family and other friends knew it not. What I think is that the press have become aware of their relationship. Then you can better control in their own hands and the own online throwing. But yes, if you have a double life, you fall through the basket. The footage speaks for itself.”

The horecaman get settled now the question of whether Gordon during the program all together was with K. B., but refuses to believe it. “It had in any case no influence on the program. Gordon and I were sitting close to each other, but the most important thing for me is: if two people get married, have two behind,” he tells the AD.

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