Poor young people for free to Black Panther

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In the United States, a national campaign to raise money for free tickets for the movie Black Panther for young people, pupils and students with a small wallet.

The action began in the predominantly black New York neighborhood of Harlem and got great fame when Ellen DeGeneres attention to that spent in her talk show. The crowdfunding is organised by Liz Miranda, the director of a youth and community centre in the place, Roxbury, just outside Boston.

These days are scattered throughout the entire country is 400 places money is collected. Up to now, a total of about 400,000 dollars picked up. This can certainly 40.000 cinema tickets to be bought. Miranda hopes that there is still more money being raised and says convinced that this is also going to happen. “The money flows are still within. I get positive reactions from across the country,” she says.


The makers of the film will not be immediately noticeable. On the basis of the voorverkoopcijfers of the film, it is estimated that in the first weekend of 150 million dollars in the cash registers flowing. Never before were there for a bioscooptitel about a superhero as much as tickets in the presale to the man.

The movie is about the Marvelpersonage is special because the cast almost entirely of dark actors. In addition, prices critics, the underlying socio-critical comment in the story. The American media have Black Panther for that reason, been called ’a phenomenon’.

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