Policeman who wanted to shoot will get $ 175,000

6d94290aab54e27633bc79f589f5f351 - Policeman who wanted to shoot will get $ 175,000

A local police officer from West Virginia, in the east of the USA, which was dismissed because he was an armed black suspect refused to shoot, you will receive 175.000 compensation because of unjustified dismissal.

The Organization for the Defense of Civil rights (ACLU) of West Virginia made on Monday announced that the city of Weirton, where the policeman worked, to an amicable settlement pool of $ 175,000 with the policeman, in order to avoid a process.

On may 6, 2016 had to Stephen Mader, a former soldier, to intervene in a marital spat. When the white police officer of 27 years arrived, he saw the ‘visibly broken’ defendant R. J. Williams, with his arms on his back, says the ACLU.


Mader asked him his hands to show, and the man obeyed, and he showed that he has a firearm. The policeman asked him his weapon to throw away, what the defendant refused to do. Instead, he asked him to shoot, says the ACLU, that the policeman in the procedure guided.

“Instead of shooting, used Mader his military training and he tried to use the situation to calm down,” says the ACLU. “He talked quieter, looked Williams in the eye and told him: ‘I’m not going to shoot you, brother, I’m not going to shoot you’.’

But while Mader has negotiated with the suspect, and there were two other police officers. R. J. Williams turned his weapon to one of them, which put him on the spot four times beschoot and killed him. The coat of arms of the suspect was not charged.

The political leaders of the city of Weirton accused Mader of it ‘on the spot stiffly, ” one of the reasons why he was fired. The police officer that Williams doodschoot, was left undisturbed.

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