Police see reason Netanyahu to complain

10fe96bf872ff3bae0a52298399cab1f - Police see reason Netanyahu to complain

JERUSALEM – The Israeli police see sufficient reasons prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to complain for two cases of bribery. According to the website of the newspaper Haaretz in ’case 1000’ to the accusation that the government excessive gifts from rich benefactors, has adopted in return for political favors.

’Case 2000’ involves a deal that Netanyahu wanted to close with the publisher of the Israeli daily newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth. In exchange for positive coverage would be the premier competitive free newspaper Israel Hayom harm.

Netanyahu, that all allegations be denied, since the affair over a year was going to play several times to be interrogated as a suspect in these two cases. With the information, the police can only make a recommendation. The attorney-general must decide whether the premier is in a state of accusation is asked.

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