Oxfam must have names of employees to disclose

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London – Oxfam staff who have been found guilty of misconduct on seksfeesten, should name and shame is known to be created so that they can be prosecuted. That the British minister of development Cooperation, Penny Mordaunt, let me know.

Mordaunt has the organisation given the order to all the evidence about the alleged behaviour of his staff to a large number of law enforcement agencies to send. That clears the way for prosecution of the suspects.

Britain will support aid agencies to stop that not to a number of conditions, said Mordaunt previously.


Last week reported to Oxfam that a number of employees of the Uk branch in Haiti she had serious misconduct. That recognized the aid organization after notification by The Times about alleged seksfeesten with young prostitutes after the earthquake in 2010. Oxfam emphasized, however, that there is no evidence that underage girls were involved in possible seksfeesten.

The British Sunday paper the Observer reported that employees of Oxfam in Chad have made use of the services of prostitutes. That would be several times in 2006 are invited to the Oxfam branch in the African country. A staff member of the aid organisation is therefore dismissed, according to the Observer. Oxfam could this message does not confirm.

Because of the scandal more than seven hundred supporters of the Dutch division of Oxfam Novib for their support terminated, turned out Sunday. The organisation has in the Netherlands about 330.000. Director Farah Karimi said, deeply ashamed, and to have an understanding for the anger of the opzeggers.

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