Obsessed ‘fan’ Miley Cyrus arrested after stalking

fc6184c9169bf1b66e2d255028000e0e - Obsessed 'fan' Miley Cyrus arrested after stalking

An obsessed fan of singer Miley Cyrus is arrested by the police after he her an unasked-for life travelled to and the various threatening messages on social media have left behind.

According to TMZ , the husband of his residence in Milwaukee traveled to Los Angeles for the singer to visit. In messages on Facebook wrote the man that he knew how her house had come in and he thanked her for the “discharge” of her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth.

In the messages he wrote that he was planning something terrible to do. “Hold your loved ones tight, because this world is only temporary. I am the dark and the light.”

The man is Monday in Los Angeles was arrested, where he 72 hours can be held. He would be psychological testing.

It is unknown whether the 25-year-old girl know of the man.

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