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Not even all the tv rights sold, but the Premier League has another 5 billion to earned

f67197bd2f01b3f9c717b6d6ff2182bd - Not even all the tv rights sold, but the Premier League has another 5 billion to earned

The English Premier League already has 4.5 billion pounds (5 billion euros) is earned on the broadcasting rights for the seasons 2019-2022. That while only five of the seven packages sold. The previous, in 2015, televisiecontract was 5,14 billion pounds worth.

“That we now have two packages to sell all of this amount shows how good our product is,” said chairman Richard Scudamore. “Our clubs provide a great football league.”

Sky, that in 2015 4,176 billion pounds on the table and explained to each season 126 matches may be broadcast, received and now the rights to four packages, good for 128 matches per season. The station will be Friday, Saturday, Sunday afternoon and Monday night live games bring and has done so every weekend the first choice. The fifth package is that all the door, went out, went to BT. The British company got the rights to 32 zaterdagnamiddagwedstrijden in the hands. In 2015, paid BT 960 million pounds for 42 matches. In march 2017 and put BT to rival Sky and the last to the obtain of the British tv rights for the Champions League. It had to be 394 million pounds per season for changed hands.

There will be two packages of each of the twenty games (20 midweek, and 20 on holidays) under the hammer, but per season, the Premier League already at least approximately 1,665 billion euro cash. In Belgium were the broadcasting rights for the seasons 2017-2020 last year for about 80 million euros per season from the hand.

The deal with Sky and BT is talking only about broadcasting rights in Britain. Last time they brought the rights in foreign countries is about 3 billion pounds, and that amount is also now expected.

It is not yet clear whether Sky or BT for the last two packages. There is speculation that American giants such as Amazon, Facebook, Netflix and Twitter for the first time in the dance jumping, the price can only increase.

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