’New scandal Oxfam: rape in to cover up’

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LONDON – The cesspool around Oxfam appears to be getting deeper. Former employee Helen Evans (37) makes Tuesday a book open on the wegwuiven of – according to her – the widespread sexual abuse by Oxfam staff, and the force to sex of people in need. “If parents would know that employees are not to be checked, they would find their children more as a volunteer.”

Evans worked between 2012 and 2015 at Oxfam as Head of Security. She had major concerns about rape and sexual abuse of Oxfam staff, but when they intern at the elbow, caught them flounder when CEO Mark Goldring. That cancelde a meeting on the subject. By the shocking stories about orgies on Haiti, she wants her story lost.

Stories of abuse are numerous, says Evens: a female social worker who is raped in South Sudan, a teenager who was molested by a senior employee in the heart of London. On one day she got ever three messages: “One female employee was forced to have sex during a humanitarian mission, a local inhabitant had to have sex in exchange for aid, and in addition, we found out that a co-worker for sexual abuse was condemned, while those that had not told”, she says against Channel 4 News.

The results of her research to the extent of the problem were ’very worrying’. In South Sudan, speaks seven percent of staff sexual abuse. “And that only our employees,” says Helen. “Then we talk, not even about the people who help us.”

According to Evans, there were ’people in high positions who knew of the scale of the problem ” and there in her eyes, not enough did.

“Parents: send your child no more”

According to the former employee she has ever a manager should rebuke that a young member pressured to allegations of sexual abuse against another to drop.

Evans: “Parents trust these organizations to have their children attend as a volunteer. The 14-year-old children sometimes. If parents knew that adults are not to be checked, they would find their children can no longer steer.”

Previously suggested Linda Polman, author of ’The crisiskaravaan’, opposite The Telegraph that problems with sexual exploitation frequently occur in the hulpverleningssector. “I’m not on. Everywhere I aid agencies followed, am I this encountered:”, she said about Oxfam’s seksfeesten on Haiti.


Goldring has now responded to the confidences of his former employee. He says the Security team to extend and special training teams to South Sudan to send.

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