‘New love’ Gordon gets to court

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The short-lived “new love” of Gordon drags him to court. He claims in a lawsuit that the presenter all the photos where he is, and any attribution of social media removes.

That confirms his lawyer, Vincent van der Velde.

Van der Velde tried there Tuesday among themselves to come up with the lawyer of Gordon, but that did not work. When the hearing takes place, it is not yet known.

Gordon shared Monday on Instagram and Facebook photos of a new friend, but according to the lawyer of the man, there is never a love affair.

Double life

The singer and presenter reported Monday night that he was approached by women who press charges against the man had done so because she by him secretly filmed during sex acts. Gordon accused his “new love” then the leading of a double life. The lawyer of the man accused Gordon in addition to harassment of libel and slander.

The presenter shared Tuesday, incidentally, is just a picture of him and “his love”. “And so you would be to fly to Venice for Valentine’s day, and so allow your attorneys to word to ‘prove’ that you had a relationship with the person you love. Yes the heart breaks and that was no more bonding,” he writes there.

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