Natalia in tears when reading the letter from her dad

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Natalia was recently a guest in winter time when Wim Helsen on Canvas. Natalia had a letter from her father for Natalia’s sister Patricia wrote when she was on the eve of her eighteenth birthday was. That letter was Natalia only a good year ago for the first time to read and that brought her some. But let’s start with the contents of that letter.

“Patricia, if this letter in Knokke arrive, you’re probably near your birthday. Eighteen years, in your eyes probably the threshold of adulthood. 32 years back I wrote on that occasion, a letter to mother and father that I recently found among old papers. On occasion I let him have to read. Here I can say that I have a good son had been good parents. And life goes on. Today is your sister Nathalie home. In the euphoria of happy days, this is a new beginning: a child is born out of love. To turn them by Arlette and me to be spoiled, pampered and cradled. What a luxury. That I may still experience has made me infinitely more balm smeared on the troubles of the last few years. But bon, every life has its ups and downs and inside should be every man for himself decide that he or she as well wants people to come out. My biggest daughter is now going to celebrate a birthday where definitely a part of her heart to be with daddy. I wish her the best, the most beautiful and a conscientious family maturity. Daddy”

Natalia has two half-sisters from her dad and two half-sisters of her mother. Natalia is glad that she is a child that is born out of love between her mom and dad and that is, according to her, today seemed different. “I find that people nowadays are far too few to think, that but small men and that it’s all not as closely sticking. I think that, really. The responsibility for a child into the world, there are people going much too light. I have no children but I have also thought about it. I never say never, and am absolutely open to it. I already had ten may have,” laughs Natalia. “But you want a child not just into the world, that is not something to play with huh.”

Natalia has been very much about mama be heard from her friends. Natalia was the febbeke of her dad seven years ago, has died. Willy Druyts wrote the letter to Patricia when he is 50 and he is a wise man. He always said: `I can be so much more wisdom to pass on to you than I my previous children have been able to do.’ I am very happy that I have a dad that was fifty years older.

Natalia today can be the day the letter from her dad to read without one tear. “But in the beginning, I had always weep when I read their letter to friends and acquaintances,” says Natalia in winter time.

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