Moon and Noa Wildschut on 5 may-concert

bdd564d3267ad6665de1d92278991d4f - Moon and Noa Wildschut on 5 may-concert

Moon, Willemijn Verkaik, CB Milton, baritone Bastiaan Everink and sixteen-year-old topvioliste Noa Wildschut occur during the annual 5 may concert on the Amstel river in Amsterdam. This close, she collaborates with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, this year’s centenary celebrates, under the direction of guest conductor Antony Hermus, the celebration of Liberation day.

The theme of the commemoration and celebrations on 4 and 5 may, this time resistance. In the run-up to the concert to speak to the artists from the 5 may-concert with former resistance fighters and veterans on the theme of freedom. They do this inspiration for their action on the Amstel river.

Violinist Noa Wildschut says: “The composer Messiaen wrote the piece while he was imprisoned in a German concentration camp. Nevertheless, you can hear his geestesvrijheid shine through in the show. If you manage to you in such a threatening situation to feel free, then that should be the ultimate form of freedom.”

The concert is directly seen by the NOS on NPO 1.

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