Million viewers in debut Katja Memories

67537e8e4af4353cfc0745d00ad5bd3d - Million viewers in debut Katja Memories

Almost a million television viewers voted Monday night to wonder on NPO 1 for the first episode of a new season of Memories. 994.000 people saw the presentatiedebuut of Katja Schuurman, the program that for the first time in 1997, was broadcast.

The golden ride on the 1500 metres of schaatsster Irene Wüst is Monday by more than 2.1 million people watched, according to figures from the Foundation for sight examination. In the South Korean Gangneung captured Wüst for the fifth time in her career gold at the Olympics, the Dutch Marrit Leenstra won bronze.

The race attracted many millions of viewers despite the fact that this day was aired, a time when a lot of people on their work. In South Korea, it is eight hours later than in the Netherlands.

Only the NOS-news from 20.00 hours went Monday more viewers: more than 2.5 million.

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