Mason (Hull City) should stop after fractured skull

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HULL – The English footballer Ryan Mason must already at the age of 26 his career end as a result of the severe head injury which he over a year ago suffered. Leading neurologists have Mason advised not to play football.

The Englishman ran on January 22, 2017 a fractured skull during the lost aftermath of Hull City against Chelsea, when he was in an air duel hard with his head against that of Gary Cahill collided. Mason had to undergo surgery, after which a long period of rehabilitation followed.

The midfielder arrives from the youth of Tottenham Hotspur. After a number of campervan hires in other clubs broke Mason in the season 2014-2015 by the Spurs. It resulted in march 2015, even his debut in the national team. Mason moved a year later to Hull City. The club paid 15 million euros for him, still a clubrecord.

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