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Mark Cavendish is again daddy

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Mark Cavendish and his wife Peta Todd are expecting a third child. Peta Todd made it self known on Instagram with the hashtag #pregnanttravel during the Tour of Oman, where she is visiting.

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The couple already has a daughter, Delilah Grace, and a son Frey. Peta Todd has from a previous relationship also have a son, Finnbar. The family came Tuesday morning to visit in the Tour of Oman to Cavendish to fire in his first sprint in Oman, where he was. They stay in the same hotel as Cavendish, where all the teams, organisation and press stay.

The couple brought the news is not officially out, but in Oman it was Todd, her belly no longer hide for press, audience and fans. Cavendish himself confirmed the news to Belga Monday night during an interview in the lobby of the Grand Hormuz Hotel and Todd himself brought it over Tuesday on Instagram with the hashtag #pregnanttravel.

So…the travel is all worth it when our crew is reassembled. Do not get me wrong a flight with 3 children and a prominent ‘bumpage’ single handed is no spa break…but it is also something that is pretty standard to make our little unit tick over. Delilah has the agreement our driver and has had him on flower finding bracelet crafting missions. Finn is getting his role as staff on within @teamdidata and Frey is mainly loving Arabic bread. I love that the kids get to see and experience different people and cultures. The lucky little critters! But most importantly we got our sweaty @markcavendish back within our ranks for a bit. #oman #cycling #family #travel #crewontour #pregnanttravel

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