Last couples give each other the knot in Blind Married

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“Yes, absolutely”, was the answer for both Show & Three as Tim & Esther, or they wanted to marry each other. All four of them were very excited about the first contact with the partner Blind Married-experts in store for them!

Before the wedding room inside got, went to Frieze stresslevel a bit out of the height in: “Just before I went in, flashed all the negative things that could occur by m’s head. What if he me not, or I don’t like him, in terms of appearance then? What if I am and he says nothing?” From the first minute, however, was Three immediately reassured: “He is great, very good. I had higher heels will be able to wear. In appearance, he is really my thing. I have not a type but Tone is a neat, tidy and pleasant man, very social and supergrappig. It is ne good”, laughed Three.

Also Show was positive and happy that the wedding is behind us: “I am enormously relieved that I finally know who it is, that the finally of the job. We have each seen and spoken with, and it went smoothly, not embarrassing, I’m really completely at ease. When the ships Three proposed, I thought, really: check, check, check.”

Also at Esther & Tim nothing than positive sounds. “Allé, I’m curious what it’s going to give,” said Tim during their company, smiling at his new wife Esther. The ice was broken and she felt immediately at ease with him. “The first time I was immediately relieved. I felt that it was important that click there would be. Both physical attraction as a real click, and who was there. That I was immediately comfortable with him, I feel that it is good. I look forward to the period ahead. Let us but on honeymoon leave and enjoy”.

Also Tim was enthusiastic: “I do not fall on a specific type, but I immediately thought: Esther I can see, that comes here is very good. I noticed immediately that they have a smooth babbler and I am also a fairly social man, so it was immediately easy to talk to.”

Starting next week, we will follow the five couples on their honeymoon. Keeps clicking between Mike and Marjoram and will there be a breakthrough between Sweet and Aljosja? You can see it in the fourth episode of Blind Married on Monday 19 February.

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