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KV Oostende is only about 5 years and truly sold

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Marc Coucke and Peter Callant put a construction on which Callant KV Oostende about five years back sells. Coucke will pass really along the cash register. Question is whether the football association will agree with that plan.

Many observers found the previous Thursday, at the presentation of the sale of KV Oostende, it is unlikely that the presented buyer – the West-Flemish insurance broker Peter Callant – was the purchase price on a cough. The presumption was that there is a special structure was set up. Marc Coucke wanted according to our information, 15 million euros for the shares of the kustploeg, an amount that There could not possibly pay.

Coucke had – after Anderlecht had bought – KVO-shares disposal because according to the rules of the Belgian Football association is not the owner of two football clubs in first class. This means a risk of competitievervalsing in.
The time Coucke had to find a buyer, was very limited. This brought the construction with his old friend, Peter Callant, an avid sports fan, to stand. Coucke found that There the correct profile had to be president of KVO to be, only missing the insurance broker to financial independence. The schedule that Coucke and Us have agreed to, assumes that Callant UNTIL about five years sell. The money that comes in, comes in the purse of Marc Coucke.
Bank loans
Also for the money that Coucke still has the kustploeg is a solution devised. It comes to all sorts of spending and investment that Coucke has paid for the club and that a debt of KVO to Couckes companies Alychlo and Mylecke forms. The plan is for that debt to be converted into bank loans.
The advantage of such a bank is that Coucke across the Belgian Football association can argue that he is already through the appropriations no more pressure it can exert as a creditor of KV Oostende. The question is whether the banks will be willing to KVO bank loans with no solid guarantee of Coucke itself. In the past, he is sometimes too optimistic on that front.
The last three to four years invested Coucke, apart from the football stadium, around 30 million euros in KVO, mainly in the left. On december 31, 2017 was 26.8 million euros of debt from KVO to Coucke. For transfers had KVO on that date, however, still 12.2 million euro to the good of other clubs. So, that means a net debt of 14.6 million euros. Ostend expect fairly soon a large part of that spelerstegoeden to be able to collect, reducing the amount that bank loans should be converted easily.
Football stadium
The football stadium finally, an investment of 20 million euros, remains the property of Coucke. He rents it to KV Oostende for 800,000 euros per year.
The question is whether the Football association the green light will indicate for the between Us and Coucke mounted verkoopconstructie. An important issue is who assumes the financial risk if the intended resale in five years have little relevance. Coucke hopes, in a total of 30 million euro to catch the half via the shares, the other half through debt repayment. That would make him have to allow it to profit from KVO to steps. On Coucke after believe few that this is a viable approach is. And Callant? According to insiders, is his role restricted ‘to playing a good chairman’.

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