Kim Kardashian shows figure in a ’forgotten’ photo

fc7cf2329f10c3e9f3d6c8297dec9984 - Kim Kardashian shows figure in a ’forgotten’ photo

Kim Kardashian has given the world another look at her hour glass shape shown on Instagram. “Last night, forgot to post,” writes the 37-year-old realityster, this time dressed in only a black bikini, too.

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The photo comes just a day after Kim in a video on her app had revealed that her waist has never been so narrow. Her sister Kourtney, who is also in the video appears, asks Kim on a given moment to. “I can make your hips really do not take it seriously… your waist is so small and your hips are so big,” she says in disbelief.

Kim reveals that her waist is 24 inches, about 61 centimeters. Her hips have a circumference of 39 inches, over 99 inches.

Kim finds it no problem to schaarsgeklede photos the world in swing. Its 107 million Instagram followers, nearly every week will be treated to a half-naked photo. Last week there was even controversy about a shot in which Kim her bra off in front of the mirror. The photo was taken by Kim’s oldest daughter North, who in the background was to be seen. Many followers found it very inappropriate that the four-year-old was selected for a toplessfoto of her mother.

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