Karen Damen likes to sit on TOILET with door open

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In “Karen makes a plate,” we follow how Karen Damen her childhood dream of living up and a new album recording. But also, we learn her mystery man more and more familiar. Karen Damen taught Antony Van der Wee in 2007 to know and soon, she knew that “that handsome man” is true for her. And still depends a lot of passion in the air. Antony Van der Wee is a drummer and knows so well what it is like to be in the spotlights, yet he was always in the background. Until now at least. Although he is “from the world” is state Antony’t like to be in the spotlight. However, were there for the docusoap “Karen makes a plate,” constant cameramen in their house. Why the change?

Karen tells in the Story that her husband is indeed not keen for such things, but that he is now an exception wanted to make because the music went. Just as Karen Antony has a heart for music. And in addition, there are clear agreements about what is and is not allowed to come. Also all wanted Karen to show more than “just the music”. For Karen, it was also important to show that they are next to the singer also just a mother and wife. Because in addition to Antony is, of course, also son Sky in the picture. And Karen blames Sky in the first episode of “Karen makes a plate,” a spoiled…

Karen Damen look for it in his own bosom. Sky is also just spoiled. Out of guilt, tells Karen in the Story. “Compensate, because I isn’t always there for him…” Yet she has a good relationship with Sky. The older he is, the more fun it is to have a son that has been a good conversation can have. One song on her new album is full of Sky dedicated. The only song where Karen Damen the full-text itself has written is a number for Sky which they grow describes. Sky hopes to get in the footsteps of his well-known mom to act because the boy dreams of being a famous Youtuber. Also makes his childhood dream?

Karen Damen is in fact her childhood dream by finally a solo album to release. Entirely its own sense can do themselves bear the ultimate responsibility. Karen admits that without her husband never succeeded. When Karen panics is Antony there to calm her down. They complement each other perfectly. Also in the household are their roles naturally grown. Antony cook and put out the trash, while Karen Sky dressed and watched, or he his homework.

No one knows her better than Antony. And also in the making of this record, she knew that they could trust him. Antony would never force to do something they don’t like it. That is pure love, says Karen in the Story. What love is, according to Karen Damen, is to go to the TOILET with the door open. “Complete yourself.”

“Karen makes up a plate” is held each Wednesday evening at 20h35 to see on FOUR, and the album “A Different Track” is from 23 February, on the store shelves.

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