John van den Heuvel fourth New year’s eve with Gordon and K. B.

730f5e32c088ab07111e001671826a59 - John van den Heuvel fourth New year's eve with Gordon and K. B.

Although the attorney of K. B. claims that his client and Gordon never had a love affair have had a doubt about John van den Heuvel enormously to this lecture. He’s the fourth together with his wife, the presenter and K. B. Old & New in South Africa.

According to John lunched and dineerde he a few days afterwards with Gordon and K. At the request of Gordon has the securities and exchange commission in its ex engrossed. “There’s going to be a huge cesspool open about the background of this guy, how much damage he has inflicted. I have today also spoken with victims of him, women who are beaten, threatened, of them also reported to have done have the police, the official declaration is going to do.”

Meanwhile, the attorney of K. B. a summary proceedings initiated against the presenter, because it refuses all of his social media posts to remove which the man is called and displayed.

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