Joëlle Witschge ‘got itself lost’ by relationship with Waylon

002095afb0bb5e34461fa2a1d37771f8 - Joëlle Witschge 'got itself lost' by relationship with Waylon

Model Joëlle Witschge (26) put her career temporarily on silent when they still had a relationship with singer Waylon.

The Expedition Robinson-participant tells in a conversation with VIVA that Waylon, who now has a relationship with the vlogger Bibi Breijman, at the time of their relationship in an interview let us know that Witschge “no ambitions”.

“But that I had for a while put in the fridge because his career at that time more dominant.”

The daughter of former footballer Richard Witschge says that they are “themselves a little lost” during her relationship, with intervals from 2014 to 2017 took. “By all that was happening, I was in the last few years calmer. The gloss was a little bit from.”

Their knipperlichtrelatie finally came to an end because it is not between Witschge and Waylon (37) worked. “I just kept on with the question then why not. But I now not more. It is ready and we have no more contact.”

Sander Huisman

Then got the model a relationship with Kriss Kross Amsterdam-dj Sander Huisman, nephew of Henny Huisman. Also this relationship is now at an end.

“You can sometimes very in someone wrong. Yet it was not the man who I thought he was. That was actually my great sorrow. But I’m glad that I now am come, instead of when I have two children it would have been.”

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