Jerry Seinfeld stole concept Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

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Jerry Seinfeld is currently on Netflix to see in the successful show Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. Director Christian Charles claims to be the original concept devised and suing the comedian.

Charles says that in 2002 he had the idea for the show when Seinfeld presented. That kept the boat still. In 2011, Charles a telephone call to a pilot, with Seinfeld behind the wheel. Just as in the current series.

According to rechtbankdocumenten in the possession of TMZ in the hands, were Seinfeld and his team are very excited and they made the production and marketing plans. When Charles his ownership interest is claimed, and also paid for wanted to get, ended the relationship. The director was dumped by Seinfeld, the show without him was made.

In 2012, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee for the first time on television, then still on Sony’s Crackle platform. Since January 2017 forward Netflix on the show.


According to Seinfelds lawyer Orin Snyder is the lawsuit “insane”. “Jerry has this program itself created and now it is a success, sir Charles suddenly story, because he smells. We are convinced that his case nowhere will be the result.”

Charles wants to be mentioned in the credits as creator of the show and are looking for financial compensation. In 2002 he directed the documentary Comedian, where the focus is on Seinfeld was.

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