James Hetfield is a serial killer in debut

d44aa08505844fb45ecd6904283bf852 - James Hetfield is a serial killer in debut

Metallica-singer James Hetfield starts this week with the shooting for a film that is about of serial killer Ted Bundy.

It is the debut of the singer in a feature film. The film’s director, Joe Berlinger, previously worked already with Hetfield and Metallica together in the making of the biographical film about the band Metallica: Some kind of Monster.

In the thriller Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile plays Hetfield agent Bob Hayward that Bundy, played by Zac Efron, arrest for a traffic violation. Discovered by accident Hayward a few unusual instruments in the auto of Bundy, and decides the case further to find out. It eventually leads to the fall of the serial killer that is at least twenty and possibly more than a hundred people killed. He was sentenced to death and in 1989 was executed.

In the film Hetfield next to Zac Efron and also next to The Big Bang Theory actor, Jim Parsons, and John Malkovich. When the film in the cinemas is not yet known.

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