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Itching season 5 from 18 march on tv

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The comedyserie Itching is on the 18th of march to return for a fifth season. In Itching to play Thomas Acda and Peter Heerschop reclamemannen.

Actually, the new Itch-season in January, but the premiere was to programmatechnische reasons, the premiere is two months delayed. Itching is a particularly nice series where Thomas Acda and Peter Heerschop play themselves but quite exaggerated. Peter is the smooth reclamejongen who are successful, and Thomas is the idiot.

Guest appearances

In Itching is filled always from the guest appearances of famous actors and that is also this season the case. O. a. Diederik Ebbinge, Simon Keizer en Kees Tol play a role as friends of Thomas and Peter. Further, in this fifth series about cheating at a children’s party, collected during a funeral and large created ex-boyfriends.

Job Gosschalk

This season of Itching is the last production director Job Gosschalk before he was accused of sexual harassment and abuse of power. The police is currently still owned with the investigation in that case.

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