Irene Moors is looking for new Topper

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Irene Moors this year the music program Topper Search on SBS6 present. In this talent show go, René Froger, Gerard Joling, Jeroen van der Boom, and Jan Smit looking for a new colleague who together with them can act, in the Amsterdam ArenA on stage during Toppers in Concert 2018.

During four auditions to decide the Winners which twelve candidates to continue to the semi-finals. They do not agree with each other, then decided the public. In the semi-finals, the candidates are divided into three groups and given the assignment to put together a medley to sing.

Hereinafter referred to as falls into each group has one talent and get the two remaining candidates from each group the assignment to a song with The killers to sing. Per couple is the best talent to the finals.

The final winner is on 25, 26 and 27 may with The Highlights on the stage and with them a medley of singing in front of 65,000 people. The program is from Saturday, march 17, to see for SBS6.

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