Hate and envy behind the scenes of The Big Bang Theory

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On tv the thickest of friends, but behind the scenes they fight each other in the tent. That writes the German OK! about the main characters in the popular comedy The Big Bang Theory.

So would Kaley Cuoco, who in the series is the sexy blonde Penny plays, the fame to the head increased. They would be in the last year on the set with co-Mayim Bialik (Amy) on the stick, after Bialik attacked her because of the demands of a salary increase.

The neuroscientist would be the hype around Kaley Cuoco extremely annoying to find, and criticized the enormous difference between the salaries of the actors; where they and Melissa Rauch, Bernadette plays in the series, ’only’ 190,000 euros per episode get paid, earn Cuoco, but Jim Parsons (Sheldon) and Johnny Galecki (Leonard Hofstadter), according to OK! many times more with their € 950,000 per episode. This would in the meantime a little bit aligned, but the bitter aftertaste remains.


Moreover, it believes Cuoco that she is the star of the show, claiming to be an insider. “And so acts also on the set. With the makeup, the styling and the catering she comes constantly with additional needs and she tells other workers around.” It would be the relationship with the other actors, for the short real friendships, nice has declined.

But also between formerly close friends, Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons wouldn’t it be more nice to walk now the success of the last of the first trumps, with the Emmy that Parsons won for his role, his title as bestbetaalde tv actor, with 27 million dollars per year and as icing on the cake its recent spin-off Young Sheldon. Previously said Galecki all agree that maybe it would be best if the twelfth season the last would be. If the rumors about the geheibel behind the scenes right, then it is understandable that the cast ’peace has to go home and their family to see again.’

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