‘Half the NATO countries gets the goal defence budget’

68530c5a2e44efe5b9e369c2b5cf4915 - ‘Half the NATO countries gets the goal defence budget’

BRUSSELS – at least fifteen of the 29 NATO countries over six years, more than 2 percent of their national income on defence. It turns out that that according to NATO chief Jens) from the plans that the member states have submitted.

The NATO countries, spoke four years ago, that they are in 2024, 2% of the gross domestic product, will spend on defence, of which one-fifth of investments. The expenditure to rise in all member states. ,,There is good progress, but still have a long way to go’, says). He pointed out that not only money, but also readiness of the troops and contribute to missions are important.

This year, pick up eight countries the begrotingsdoel. Countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are still far removed. Our country is sitting on around 1.2 percent, moves, according to defense minister Bijleveld in the direction of the 1.3 percent.

The expectation is that the American minister Jim Mattis his colleagues Wednesday in Brussels once again points to their obligations.

) Noted that the European co-operation for the defence industry stronger and more efficient is also good for NATO, provided there is no double work is done. ,,We need more and better spending.’

Mission Iraq extended

The NATO countries agree with the Us request for the now limited military training mission in Iraq to expand. The 29 NATO Defence ministers to give Thursday in Brussels, green light to prepare for this, expected). A formal decision is expected at the NATO summit in July.

Now terreurbeweging IS driven is the time to build stability in Iraq, says the ceo of the alliance. ,,We must win the peace.’

The extension of the mission is made possible by a recent request for help from the Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi. It may, for example, the establishment of military academies and the professionalisation of the armed forces. This is the NATO will cooperate with the US-led anti-IS coalition.

Trainers have, since February 2015 more than 100,000 Iraqi soldiers trained, including Kurdish forces.

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