Gordon should be with ’love drama inspired’ for right come

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Now Gordon this morning, once again, a post that placed him and his alleged love K. B., he has the proportions in the already escalating struggle more sharpened. Lawyer Van der Velde reason to go to court.

After both parties this morning their positions on the table had been tried, the lawyer of Gordon and the attorney of K. B., van der Velde, mutually to come out, but that didn’t work out. The condition was, amongst other things, that Gordon and all of his social media posts would remove that K. B. called and displayed. But that did not happen and Gordon did this morning have a scoop on top with a post of which the disappointment dripping: no Valentine’s day in Venice for Gordon, he wrote, followed by, ’then it breaks your heart’. Lawyer Van der Velde and his client is the size of this ’new breach of privacy ” vol. Now, he wants to be with a short case to achieve that the presenter still has all the photos where his client is and any mentionings of social media removes.

Gordon shared Monday on social media photos of his new love, but according to the lawyer of the man, there is never a love affair. Gordon reported Monday night that he was approached by women who press charges against the man had done so because she by him secretly filmed during sex acts. Gordon accused his ’new love’, then the leading of a double life. The lawyer of the man accused Gordon in addition to harassment of libel and slander.

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