Gordon: ’Just before Valentine’s day breaks my heart’

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The day after the liefdesdebacle of Gordon, he is busy to prove that he had a relationship with his alleged friend. “Then break your heart.” The attorney of K. B. look at the new post from Gordon.

On his social media to share Gordon sat morning again a romantic image of him and the much talked about K. B., who was he to yesterday as his great new love partner. His message gives the impression that he was even with him Valentine’s day would celebrate. “And so you would be to fly to Venice for Valentine’s day, and so allow your attorneys to speak to in order to ‘prove’ that you had a relationship with the person you love was…….. yes the heart breaks and that was no more glue.”

The attorney of K. B. finds it ” a pity that he do this’, after the tv personality yesterday in a letter summoned had to stop with the reports about his client, what he, as ’libel’ and ’slander’. “I had not expected, he should know better.” He indicates that he this morning consultation with the attorneys of Gordon. Their views, they will this afternoon publish, until that time, the lawyer there is nothing left to lose. “That and this morning again, there was a violation of the privacy, our view has only been strengthened.”


After Gordon and his love was proclaimed on Instagram, was a love story from the hand. There were plenty of reactions on social media users that the television personality warned for this man. Then posted Gordon a message about his huge ’disappointment’ that his ’friend a double life seemed to lead’ and he talked about ’declarations’ against the man were made. The lawyer of Kevin, who insists that he’s in coverage with his initials K. B., defended his client and spoke of a “slander” via a ’social media campaign’ of harassment.

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