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Gone drawing Gustav Klimt after 40 years resurfaced

cdc01743e02a6234be341ca5bd945046 - Gone drawing Gustav Klimt after 40 years resurfaced

A drawing of the Jugendstil artist Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) has re-emerged after a secretary to work about forty years ago, it was stolen.

It’s going to work, ‘Zwei Lying’ (Two reclining women). A secretary of the Neue Galerie in the Austrian Linz had the drawing at home, hiding, when she had retired.

In her will she had stipulated that the work after her death to the museum had to be returned. She died in december 2017.

The drawing is part of a lot of four works by Klimt and Egon Schiele, which for decades lost. It is hoped that now the three other works found.

The city continues to 5.000 euro promise to whom the people on the right track.

In 1951, the owner of the work, the local artist Olga Jäger, the foursome at the Neue Galerie lent. After her death in 1965 demanded her heirs, the work back, but were suddenly not to be found.

After a long struggle for the court was the city of Linz in 2006 and sentenced to pay a compensation of 8.3 million euro. The heirs now have the ‘Two fallen women’, provided that they are a part of that amount to the city to repay.

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