Gitaarmaker Gibson in serious financial

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The world-famous gitaarmerk Gibson is in serious financial. Parent company Gibson Brands is looking for ways to reduce the debt and reduce additional financing.

In 1902 founded in Nashville-based Gibson sells except for electric guitars, among others, audio equipment. However, the company has to face challenging market conditions. Ceo Henry Juszkiewicz says in any case a bankruptcy to try to prevent that. He hopes debt restructuring and new investors to attract. Last year, lowered credit rating agency Moody’s, the creditworthiness of the Gibson due to concerns whether the company’s financial obligations will be met.

World-famous musicians such as B. B. King, Eric Clapton, The Edge, Slash, Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Pete Townshend and Mark Knopfler have all Gibsons played, including the iconic model Gibson Les Paul.

Also the famous American vuurwapenfabrikant Remington has a very difficult time. Monday, it was announced that Remington, the roots of which go back to 1816, postponement of payment requests under the pressure of a high debt burden and weaker arms sales. Remington is a part of investment company Cerberus which for years in vain for a buyer looking for the maker of pistols, rifles and ammunition.

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