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Football teams Yellow and Oosterzonen talks about merger

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The Campine football clubs ASV Geel and Oosterzonen, both active in the first amateurklasse, talks about the creation of “a new, ambitious club in the Kempen”. That has Stefan Van Lommel, president of Oosterzonen, Tuesday confirmed.

On december 16, 2017 was the idea of a merger first surfaced during the Campine derby in Yellow. Last week decided to ASV Geel further calls to want to carry out. Monday was also Oosterzonen the light for negotiations on green. “Meanwhile, we are convinced that with the right people at the table and that this project enough to succeed. You need the iron forge when it is hot,” says Stefan Van Lommel.

“We believe that a merger will be a win-win situation. There is a possibility of a stable and large club to build a fixed value in the Belgian voetballandschap. The club must be ambitious, financially healthy, but also locally strongly anchored. A sports club after all, but by the grace of its supporters and sympathizers.”

The future for ASV Geel saw there a few weeks back, however, are not very good. The directors of “the Fools” thought even in liquidation. Oosterzonen, a club in the Westelse district Oosterwijk, is in terms of infrastructure then back to the ceiling.

At ASV Geel wanted to see did not respond. “That is still too premature,” said club secretary Jan Hannes. Except both Campine clubs are also some of the investors to the negotiating table.

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