Family Bill Paxton sues hospital where the actor died

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Actor Bill Paxton, who last year February at the age of 61 died due to complications after a heart surgery, would have died as a result of a “negligent diagnosis and treatment”.

The family complains, therefore, the treating physician of Paxton and also Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the hospital in Los Angeles, where the actor at the time, was recorded, reports the Star Telegram.

Paxton was on February 14, 2017 surgery due to an aneurysm, a dilation of a blood vessel in his aorta. The actor received a new heart valve. After the surgery performed complications, including stroke him killed.

In the indictment of Paxtons family says that the hospital “a false representation of the facts has given, and possibly also information about the risks of the operation would have withheld”.


In addition, would the hospital have not reported to the treating physician, dr. Khoynezhad, a “risky and unusual operatiemethode would have applied, that he still had very limited experience”. The doctor has after the death of Paxton to his job in the hospital cancelled, according to the documents.

When Paxton after the surgery complications began to gain, he would not care have received that was required, claims the family of the Titanic-actor. This had as a consequence that Paxton ten days later died.

Golden Globe

Bill Paxton played for four decades in countless roles, including a supporting role in Titanic, but was also seen in Aliens. He had, in 1996, a starring role in Twister of the Dutch film director Jan de Bont.

He was for some roles nominated for a Golden Globe and an Emmy. The last major roll of film that Paxton played in Nightcrawler (2014), in which he the opponent was Jake Gyllenhaal.

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