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F1 warns Ferrari: “The fans come first!”

089384c9b2f5193f6f570013a9dca401 - F1 warns Ferrari: "The fans come first!"

According to F1 boss Chase Carey, the interests of the fans always on the first place and there can, according to him, even to a team such as Ferrari, nothing to argue.

Ferrari threatened recently with the Formula 1 will leave if its commercial interests are seriously prejudiced by the plans that Liberty Media with Formula 1. There was criticism at Ferrari but at the same time, also understanding.

Understanding of Chase Carey, the new CEO of the Formula 1 need Ferrari doesn’t count. Carey acknowledges that Ferrari really has meant a lot for Formula 1, but at the same time, he speculates that Ferrari no preferential treatment will be given.

“Ferrari is unique and is extremely important, it is a legend, but it must be treated in the same way as the other teams,” said Carey across from the Italian ‘Corriere della Sera’.

“We want them to stay part of the Formula 1, we want the sport to change because we want to better, as we have the teams not change.”

According to Carey, the waters between Ferrari and the F1, however not too deep to compromise, all will the interest of the fans according to Carey always take precedence.

“There may be agreements to be closed, but the main purpose is not to negotiate the importance of the fans in the first place.”

“We have the spectacle on the track to improve. The aerodynamics does not help and I was also told that some of the circuits in that area have a problem.”

Liberty Media already has several initiatives to make the sport improve and to make it more attractive for the fans. The wants therein so go on and continue to take initiatives to make the sport more exciting and attractive.

“Everyone is more open now and there is a lot of activity on the social media. The ticket prices have to gone down and we have fanzones created,” said Carey about the changes so far.

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