’Dozens of Russians killed in attack US Syria’

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DAMASCUS – U.s. military forces last week dozens of Russian mercenaries in Syria killed. To say that an American officer and three Russians who are familiar with the case.

More than two hundred mercenaries, mainly Russians, who fought in the name of the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, came to life in an unsuccessful attack on a base and a refinery of American troops and their allies in the oil-rich region of Deir Ezzor, said two of the Russians. The American official held the number of dead at one hundred, with two hundred to three hundred wounded.


Many of the Russians who have been killed or injured are veterans from the conflict in Ukraine. This is reported by Alexander Ionov, the head of a Kremlin-funded organization that ties with separatists who, together with pro-Assad troops in Syria have fought.

The attack underlined the complexity in the Syrian conflict. That started as an internal repression, but turned into a war in which islamic extremists, stateless Kurds, the regional powers Iran, Turkey, and now Israel is involved.

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