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De Bruyne and Kompany all in one and a half leg in the quarter-finals Champions League

ec22a3ad35dd2c8936a57a60facc615a - De Bruyne and Kompany all in one and a half leg in the quarter-finals Champions League

Kevin De Bruyne and Vincent Kompany are with one and half leg in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. On the field of the Swiss FC Basel was with clear 0-4 digits won. The openingsdoelpunt came on assist from who else than De Bruyne. KDB was just past the hour to replace, Vincent Kompany made the match full.

In the other quarter-final of Tuesday night made Mousa Dembélé impressed for Tottenham Hotspur. Read that report here.

In addition to Kevin De Bruyne was also Vincent Kompany in the base when the visitors from Manchester. The blauwhemden could come early and be glad that ref Jonas Eriksson the other hand, looked up when Nicolas Otamendi within the sixteen a obstructiefout begins with Basel striker Dimitri Oberlin.

On the quarter of an hour did the forces of Guardiola, however, where their stand to them respectively. De Bruyne with a corner kick, Ilkay Gundogan headed for the first pile within. Four minutes later, sent De Bruyne Raheem Sterling the lane, his ball ended up using a Swiss head to the second pole at Bernardo Silva. The Portuguese took and pedaling hard, about the grabbelende arms of goalkeeper Vaclik in goal.

Pig already for the half-hour crops

Yet for the first half but halfway through, it was the Swiss pig already washed. Striker Sergio Agüero got the ball with a fluke in the feet and drew from twenty-five meter go off. That poor Vaclik could only but look how it is now already 0-3.

Despite frantically defence of the home team threw again Gundogan early in the second half, and still some salt in the wound. The Turkish German cut to the inside and painted the ball wonderfully into the far corner, 0-4. Enough of it, decided trainer Pep Guardiola, and he brought in Kevin De Bruyne, just past the hour already to the side for David Silva. Basel tried in the lock, still something to do and came through Oberlin a few times close, but that was it. In the slot left Gundogan even have a chance at a hattrick.

The unnecessary second leg between both teams on Wednesday 7 march.

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