Dakota Johnson wore string with super glue

8cf15cd2ffb659c62ced094c37ae7928 - Dakota Johnson wore string with super glue

The recording of the explicit sex scenes for the movie Fifty Shades Freed, had for Dakota Johnson quite a few feet in the earth. So was the actress a strapless thong wearing, which by workers with super glue on her body was stuck, so the piece of fabric not able to fall. This told Dakota in an interview with including trouw, marie claire.

“Yes, where Jamie, a kind of ‘pouch’ had to wear, which is pretty a-sexual was, I had a strapless string. This was to you, still a bit covered to feel. It was just as if your nipples were covered but then more down. Because it has not remained sitting there, was it with super glue and glued together. That did not pain to hear, but it was f*cking bizarre,” said Dakota.

The inclusion of the sex scenes calls Johnson ’never easy’. “It is not easy and not fun. We had people on the set that could explain how certain toys work, because it is natural to be drowsy when you get to a bdsm-scene record and all wrong doing. The listened to all of them very closely, but I think Jamie and I have done.”

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