Crosses with names of victims attacks Brussels at German mosque set: ‘Islamophobic action”

Unknowns have on the construction of a mosque in Regensburg, in the south of Germany, last weekend, 26 crosses placed with names of victims of the attacks in Brussels and Zaventem of march 2016.

The Turkish-Islamic Union for Islamic Affairs, speaks of an islamophobic action.

According to the Union, saw the yard look like a graveyard. ‘We are shocked that someone the new mosque has tried to associate with the acts of terrorism in Brussels’, said a spokesman of the group.

The Union complains in addition, the intolerance of the opponents of the construction of the new mosque, which is the dialogue, which years ago was started, more difficult.

On the cross were the names of people who perished in the attacks in metro Maelbeek and Brussels Airport. Why there are 26 crosses were neergeplant and no 32 – the number of victims of the attacks – is not clear.

The local police has started an investigation into the incident.

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