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Children of the account

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Two Johnny Hallyday-clans open oorlogje about the legacy of the French rocker. The children are the dupe? Disputes about the fortune of celebrity’s continue to be a recurrent phenomenon.

At the funeral, two months ago in Paris, it seemed that all the survivors have united in mourning. But now there is an open quarrel broke out between Laeticia, the fourth wife of the French rocker, and …

At the funeral, two months ago in Paris, it seemed that all the survivors have united in mourning. But now there is an open quarrel broke out between Laeticia, the fourth wife of the French rocker, and the two children Laura Smet David Hallyday. The French press had a tough job: it was raining open letters.

Laura Smet (34), daughter of Hallyday and the actress Nathalie Baye, will immediately file a lawsuit. She found it shocking to hear that they are not a penny would get, but the possession and the copyright in a will integral to Laeticia and her two adopted children Jade and Joy. ‘Including the signed cover of the song that he to me told.’

David Hallyday (53), son of Johnny and singer Sylvie Vartan, contested the will. Earlier this year he had resisted the publication of a posthumous cd.

Bankrupt rocker

The discussion focuses on the law of inheritance in California, as Johnny the last years of his life in Los Angeles was also his last will and testament deposited. The California law allows, in contrast to the French, that legitimate children disinherited.

Perhaps there is a back door: Hallyday dropped in the last months of his life for lung cancer care in Paris, where he also died. In addition, he had houses in Saint-Barthelémy and Marnes-la-Coquette. But enough about the French erfenisregeling to rely on them? Lawyers don’t think so.

It is now up to the lawyers of Laura and David to show their father to them, not consciously wanted to see her. Salient detail: when Johnny Hallyday on the edge of bankruptcy, and weighed, it was Laeticia that his financial affairs beredderde and straightening. They would also have prevented, says Laura in her open letter, that the daughter visits might bring to her father and could say goodbye.

How much the estate is exactly is, is not known. The copyright and intellectual rights of the artist are estimated to be 50 to 80 million euros.

Dance around the legacy

The greedy widow: though more often she is with pitch and feathers smeared as the beredderen of the estate goes. Miche Brel, Yoko Ono, Rita Marley, Fanny Rodwell , the widow of Hergé: all of them, they carried out a bitter struggle for the management of a significant commercial and artistic rights.

The offspring remains with the deals, usually on the background. But although they were swept up in the intimate dance that is located each time around a heritage place. Such as after the death of James Brown, the godfather of soul, in 2006. His wife, Tomi Rae Hynie, and seven-year-old son were not in the testament included. The six children from previous relationships are challenged, moreover, that James Brown, the bulk of his estate was given to charitable organizations. Only after two years came to an amicable settlement out of the bus.

Also the distribution of the inheritance of Prince is a tough job. Prince had no children, but left a complicated network of relatives behind. Five half-brothers and half-sisters compete for his fortune.

When Prince Michael (19), Paris (18) and Blanket (15), the children of Michael Jackson, turned out well. The debts that the king of pop’ left behind, after his death more than offset by the megaverkoop of his music. Only on their fortieth get the kids their share of the inheritance. But for now, they can annually a sloppy six million euros to spend on expenses.

Given is given

Then you’ve got the category of the wegschenkers. Earners as Elton John, Sting, Nigella Lawson or Warren Buffet announced in life that they are the biggest part of their fortune will be giving away. Of course, his two sons and later you do not suffer from hunger, said to Elton John (70) recently, a British newspaper. But his fortune of 380 million pounds, they get not a cent. ‘Born rich is a poisoned gift: it can make your life ruin.’

The classic argument between the second or third wife and the original children, we popped them on in the death of two literary figureheads. Thomas Claus, son of Hugo Claus’ first marriage with Elly Overzier, and Arthur Kristel, son of Claus’ second marriage with Sylvia Kristel, got eventually a settlement was proposed. But first, they had a brief dispute about the moral legacy, when the posthumous book The clouds what to personal details turned out to contain.

The three children from the first marriage of Jef Geeraerts, where the writer is far with broke, had to conclude that they also posthumously offside remained. ‘After his death kicks against our shins, ” said Ilse Geeraerts in this newspaper.

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