’Candidates are not as good as the real Johan Derksen’

30391f028fc24f2d158a1998546b670d - ’Candidates are not as good as the real Johan Derksen’

The level of the registrations of candidates for the tv program The New Johan Derksen, is so low that it is still but the question is whether the program is to come. That has Wilfred Genee said on BNR Nieuwsradio.

“Derksen seems to be really irreplaceable,” notes Genee after viewing the notifications. “People with an opinion are scarce. The level of notifications fell so against that I thought: ’It is very difficult”. The probability is high that we are not going to do.”

It is for Genee an unexpected result. “The funny thing is: wherever I go, people talk to me: ‘You must be my brother one time invite, that was so terribly funny and can be so good on football talk. For those people, we were also invented, but that there seems to be a lot less than you think.”

For Derksen itself should this result no surprise. Had the mustachioed commentator all in an exclusive video for The Telegraph to know that his successor much charisma and on the question of Wilfred Genee, or a new Johan Derksen is he replies: “No, I can do that now, you say, that you will not find.” And this time the commentators are right.

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