Cambridge university has required students to ‘sexy’ promo video offline

Students from the famous Cambridge University in Great Britain have the promotional video for their annual ball offline have to pick up after complaints from professors. Who feared that the images of the university in a bad light would make.

The students of Hughes Hall the college decided this year for ‘The Forest of Sin’ (the forest of sin, red.) as the theme for the ball that they traditionally organize after the exams in may. In a promotional video is to show how masked students in avondkledij to the forest flee to kiss. In the video is also to see how students of each other champagne.

The video was taken offline after complaints from several professors. ‘They found that the images geseksualiseerd and Hughes Hall in a bad light could say,’ according to the organisers of the ball. “We found the video sexy and fun, but it seems that we might have a border, have exceeded and therefore, we decided to take it offline to make it.”

That Cambridge last week had to admit that it is a ‘serious problem’ of sexual misconduct is facing, after the past few months, 173 complaints were lodged, the decision will undoubtedly be influenced.

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