British ngo watchdog starts investigation into Oxfam

c296a6e725ae32ef6125db5dfd786991 - British ngo watchdog starts investigation into Oxfam

The Charity Commission, the British organization that oversees charities, an investigation into the way in which the ngo Oxfam, the seksschandaal in Haiti has tackled. That report British media Tuesday.

The British newspaper The Times had last week revealed that employees of Oxfam in 2010 seksfeestjes with prostitutes had set up in Haiti, then was hit by a heavy earthquake. Later there were also reports about similar abuses in Chad in 2006. Penny Lawrence, deputy head of Oxfam in Great Britain, as a result of the messages already set aside.

The Charity Commission now start an investigation of the facts. The watchdog argues that the ngo in 2011 may not have all the details about the abuse in Haiti ‘full and fair’ has released.

Meanwhile, former Oxfam employee Helen Evans in an interview with Channel 4 new information disclosed about abuse by Oxfam staff. Evans, who from 2012 to 2015, the global head of security was of the ngo, stated that they are in her position several complaints about the abuse had gotten. One of the Oxfam staff was also accused of being a woman forced to have sex in exchange for aid, ” says Evans.

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