Beyoncé is not served by women in Jay Z

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According to the American comedienne and actress Tiffany Haddish makes Beyoncé short shrift to women who come close to her husband Jay Z. This is reported in People.

Haddish was present at a concert of the rapper and was invited to the afterparty. “I was talking with another actress, who Jay Z was talking. Casually, she hit his chest. Then came Beyoncé remember to walk and her body spoke a clear language: ’Take your hands of my man!” She said that not literally, but her posture said enough. Then she started at the lady in question to talk, but how that interview went, I do not say.” Who the woman was, wanted Haddish not say, but that will soon be out”.

The recent years have not always been easy for Beyoncé. Jay Z during their marriage is strangely gone, leaving their relationship under serious pressure. Now everything is back to cake and egg, but remains the Queen Bee, so be alert for any hijackers on the coast.

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