‘Belgian Oxfam employee, previously discredited in other organization roads paid sex’

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The Belgian old-topmedewerker of Oxfam that is central in the seksschandaal while local projects had previously been at another aid organization leave for similar facts. That reports Irin News, a site specialized in stories about the humanitarian sector.

Last week it became known that workers of Oxfam in 2010 paid sex with prostitutes in Haiti were. The organization was there for a humanitarian mission following the devastating earthquake, in which nearly 300,000 people were killed. In 2011, Oxfam of an internal investigation into the case, after seven employees walked out or had to leave. One of them was the Belgian Roland van Hauwermeiren, who was Oxfam director in Haiti.

It was not the first time that such incidents took place when the Belgian at the helm of a local Oxfam branch. Also in Chad, paid employees of the organization prostitutes for seksfeestjes. That happened in 2006, when Van Hauwermeiren as the Oxfam-led led.


But also in other hulpverlenersorganisatie the man was already involved in similar situations, reports Irin News. Van Hauwermeiren would in 2004, when he for the British organization Merlin on the un’s assistance mission in Liberia, young women to the apartment to have come and them have paid for sex.

Amira Malik Miller, a former colleague, complained about the situation, after which an investigation was set up. Van Hauwermeiren had to then leave, sounds. Not even two years later, the Belgian started to work for Oxfam in Chad and later in Haiti. When Miller heard about the seksfeestjes in those countries, she could not believe that Van Hauwermeiren was working for the organization. “Oh my God, he has been doing for fourteen years’, it sounds. “He just goes from place to place, from Liberia to Chad, Haiti and Bangladesh. Someone had thoroughly to look for.’


According to one of the persons who was involved in the research paid Of Hauwermeiren and three others of the management team (the‘four middle-aged men’) for sex with young women in Liberia. A third source who was employed at Merlin calls the behavior of the management team ‘shameless’: ‘They acted as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Their behavior was insane.’

Van Hauwermeiren, all would have denied, but would have agreed to an immediate dismissal.

Three notifications in a day

Oxfam came Tuesday under fire in Great Britain. Helen Evans, former head of Security for the organization, said in an interview with Channel 4 know that they were ever as many as three allegations of sexual abuse got in on one day. ‘A woman had to have sex with an employee and help they wanted to receive, a female employee was forced to have sex with a colleague during a humanitarian mission, and an employee turned convicted for sexual abuse, but had not told’, she told according to the Algemeen Dagblad.

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