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Bart De Pauw has been removed from ‘The Colleague’s 2.0’

d269c27064130545bef33c0a5fba8b6c - Bart De Pauw has been removed from ‘The Colleague’s 2.0’

Director Jan Verheyen confirm that, together with Bart De Pauw is decided that he is out of the cast gets off of ‘The Colleague’s 2.0’. It is a result of the reports of misconduct at the VRT were landed in november of last year. Then put the VRT all the cooperation with the quizpresentator of ‘Two to the sixth power ” to stop.

“Bart came on board in tempore non suspecto, in October last year,” says Verheyen. “We had hoped that the affair would blow over.

But the judicial mills grind very slowly. The attorney must still decide whether the action is seponeert or allowed to continue. I can’t continue to wait.’

“Bart, this is difficult. His life is on hold as long as the matter is not resolved. But we have the decision taken collegially. There is not only a research, but Bart is always in the eye of the media storm. It would be for him, in these circumstances, impossible to with total concentration and a fresh head on the set. That is not workable, neither for him nor for me. You don’t want that kind of things are working if you’re on a set.”

The message that Bart De Pauw out of the cast for ‘Colleagues’2.0’ fell, leaking from in Day All. The casting of the film has just been completed, but the only name that is already certain is that of Ben Segers. ‘Now I sit in our home on the Opal coast in order to further manipulate the scenario.”

The recording will take place from mid-may to mid-July; the movie comes out in december.

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