ANC demands departure Zuma, but sets no deadline

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The African National Congress (ANC)-South African president Jacob Zuma is obliged to resign. That the ruling party is now formally announced. There was, however, no concrete date set for Zuma’s departure.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the ANC has decided to his comrade Jacob Zuma to recall it”, said Ace Magashule, the secretary-general of the party. “The challenges facing the country require urgent and resolute response.’

After a marathonvergadering, the ANC Monday night to Zuma, the order to withdraw, after he had previously refused to resign. The president was initially in agreement with a dismissal, in a meeting with deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa, but then asked for three months to be allowed to remain. The party rejected this demand. South African media reported that the ANC Zuma a deadline of 48 hours were imposed, but that turns out not to be correct.

Where Zuma currently is, is not clear. The president has been significantly weakened since Ramaphosa (65), in december, the new president of the ANC. That makes the wealthy former businessman is automatically also the candidate-president at the elections next year.

The departure of Zuma, the new ANC leadership will have the chance to see the damage to restore, and re-connection with the South African voters. The ANC, which since the end of the apartheid regime in the early nineties continuously to power in South Africa, remains the largest party of the country, but under the presidency of Zuma a lot of influence today.

The controversial leader has for many years been plagued by numerous corruption cases. Under Zuma’s leadership, South Africa deteriorated to kleptocracy, where corruption is rampant and especially very openly flourishes. There is corruption at every level of government, but the president makes every effort to be the crown. He is trying today to a whopping 783 allegations of fraud or corruption off.

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