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American commentator apologizes for schaatsfabel

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The American NBC commentator Katie Couric offers her to apologize for her remark during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. She claimed live on tv that we in the Netherlands are all skating to our work.

“As is well known, Amsterdam has many canals that in the winter it can freeze over,” said Couric when the Dutch athletes in the picture was. They knew why there was such good Dutch speed skaters in the Olympic Games participate. “As long as that canals exist, used the Dutch to get from one place to the other to skate against each other to race and have fun.”

In the war

It gave the commentator a lot of mocking comments. A message on the Facebook page, Stuff Dutch People Like was massively shared. “Think of Katie (and NBC) that we are all on ice skates to go to work? I think that someone is a bit confused. Come along, then I’ll let you see! But that won’t be on ice skates,” the message read.

Dutch embassy

Even the Dutch embassy decided to respond to the gaffe. To break the ice, invited the embassy Couric via Twitter to the Netherlands to visit the real innovative means of transport in our country. Of course, the U.s. also invited to the skating rink.

Katie Couric

Katie Couric responds now and offers her apology for the comment. They would also like to congratulate the Netherlands with all the medals up to now. “Sorry that I was on ‘thin ice’ was in my note about ice skating in the canals. I tried to honor to your historical passion for the sport, but so it was not over! I would like to get a time to come by and the success with you to celebrate!”


Most people were happy to laugh. On social media, they had, for example, how we as schaatsland in the file during black Friday, and how we skate to raise in order to work in the cheese factory.

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