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Also in the Champions League gets Mignolet no chance for Liverpool

8526a86f314791de221646b8edfc29c0 - Also in the Champions League gets Mignolet no chance for Liverpool

Liverpool-trainer Jürgen Klopp has announced that Simon Mignolet also the Champions League match against Porto from the bank will have to experience. Earlier, the German goalkeepers to rotate on the kampioenenbal, but now his compatriot Loris Karius first goalkeeper in the league, shows that this is suddenly no longer needed.

FC Porto

14/02 20:45


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Earlier in the season did it still have the eyebrow frown: first goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, who sat on the bench in the Champions League match of his club Liverpool, while substitute Loris Karius in full are got a chance. Still not exactly the most unnecessary competition in the world. Now Karius the role as the first keeper of Mignolet has taken over in the league, would you therefore might expect that the Red Devil now has his chance on the kampioenenbal. Nothing seems less true. Klopp made Tuesday night announced that Karius just in purpose to remain in the eighth-final against Porto.

“It is for every goalkeeper is the same: they all have trust,” said Klopp on the website of Liverpool. He threw it flowers to Karius. “I talk preferably not too much about, but his performance against Southampton was important. There were a couple of really good saves, good decisions, smart decisions with the game quickly resumed and things like that. He played well, was open and just did it well.”

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