Alain Clark would one day want a woman his

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As a singer Alain Clark, for one day someone else would, he would a woman want to be. That’s what he says Tuesday in an interview with Beau Monde.

“I grew up with two older sisters and a mother, I actually had three mothers in the house, but still I have no idea how their brain works,” says Clark.

In the interview the singer about “a famous cartoon that two devices let you see.” “The one has but one button, the other has thousands. It stands for the man versus the woman. The woman is complex, I think, but very rich and beautiful. One day, as a woman, I want to experience deep conversations with men and then see how I am from the female side experience.”

Clark also says that all women according to him, “power”. “If there is a lot to endure, they remain resolute and focused. On a very good day, I have insights that I feel good. Then I look to my girlfriend who looks back with a look of ‘that insight, I had already long’, haha.”

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