Zuip-variant hit André Hazes caused rel

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André Hazes is not pleased with the language version of his song ’Live’. When a Uithoornse singer and a (dj with their carnavalshit acted, and a clip of this spread, they received an angry mail to them ordered the clip directly to remove. That reported News.

Singer Edo Barends has then also immediately the video removed. “I was not in the mood for bullshit,” he declares. Barends came up with the idea as a result of a note addressed to André Hazes on social media. “Someone wrote him that if he uses the word ‘Living’ would turn into ‘Zuip,” which he and then a huge carnavalshit could score. But André has nothing done, so then I thought: ’ I’ll do it’.”

The management of Hazes relied on the copyright. According to an expert in News, however, but the question whether here, as an exception to the ateursrecht applies when it is a parody on the original song.

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