Who of them survives the Lions ‘ den?

9cf2062e9e5b76b2f0c0ad5f23f8725f - Who of them survives the Lions ' den?

Many are called, but only few will get it. In the second episode of the Lions ‘ den go again four young and doorwinterder entrepreneurs looking for an investment which gives their business a solid boost. But to our lions to convince their pennies to invest, you should be good. Very good.

Mark from Aalst lived a time ago, on a paradise island with his family. There he devised a new racket sport, Wackitball. An energetic mix of squash and tennis. He wants that today along with his entire family demonstrate to the lions. Because the sport really is launched to get hopes he is on their financial aid. The Lions on the bridge with hard cash? Because exlusiviteit in the sector and a patent on your product is essential to their investment safe.

Paul from Stekene like helicopter rides above Antwerp to sell. Lion Jurgen can’t believe his ears when he is the pitch of Paul: “Had that here lefkuil call instead of lion’s den, then you are definitely the first price.”

Helena from Ghent is full of ideas and ambitions. So stamped them some time ago, Wonky out of the ground. A food company with a very clear and social vision: they bring a product to market that is healthy, but also voedselverpilling exposure. Vegetables which is aesthetically not good enough to look for the store shelves, due to her being bought and in healthy dips transformed. They want a million euro of turnover. Our Lions their ears.

Sofie from Lokeren pitcht a solution to a recognizable problem: a product that your down blanket in the cover hold it in place. And Reuben, Matthias, and Arno came up in function of their thesis to a card game for young and old. This is their first pitch outside the school. The nerves save.

Lion’s den, Tuesday, February 13, to 21u35 on FOUR.

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